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LTTELiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka militant group)
LTTELetter to the Editor
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In spite of a growing body of testimony--too many gifts have described the training sessions, so their existence can't be denied--the LTTE still denies that their child-recruitment strategy includes weapons training and the solicitation of suicide bombers.
President Chandrika Kumaratunga, who has been in London for treatment of an eye injury sustained in a December bomb blast believed set off by LTTE supporters, is said to be rushing home, but has not yet arrived in Colombo.
The EU statement further said, "This means that the LTTE remains listed as a terrorist organization by the EU," it said.
Vaiko said he would again place his arguments in the court on Saturday for seeking revocation of ban on LTTE.
During the 26-year civil war the Tamil Diaspora has been supporting and financing various Tamil groups, including LTTE and have been advocating LTTE's demand for a separate Tamil state.
It is impossible to independently verify reports from the army or LTTE due to journalists and international organisations being barred from the war zone.
He said: "Let me make clear that the military is deployed simply to counter the LTTE which is a terrorist organisation.
The Norwegian government is facilitating the peace process, with Oslo having brokered the February 2002 Cease-fire Agreement or CFA which has now been stretched to the near breaking point with both the government and the LTTE saying the country is very close to war.
government is encouraged by the vision of the LTTE as a genuine political entity.
The plan of the LTTE front organizations overseas is three folds.
The Sri Lankan government crushed the LTTE in May 2009 after a quarter-century war during which the Tigers fought to create a separate state for the Tamil minority, who represent about 15 percent of the island nation's population.
The LTTE has in the past launched attacks on senior government officials.