LTTPLate to the Party
LTTPLink to the Past (video game)
LTTPLast Train to Paris (Sean Combs album)
LTTPLong Term Technology Plan
LTTPLong-Term Training Plan
LTTPLetter to the Players (online gaming community)
LTTPLatent to Ten Print (automated fingerprint processing)
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Similarly, Rutherford's major essay in LTTP slides between a discussion of the logic of dispossession that accompanied the birth of capitalism and which is inherent in that system, and a discussion of the way in which 'Over the last three decades a culture of capitalism has come to dominate our society' exhibiting a 'logic of commodification' (Rutherford, 2011a, 92).
The following discusses the findings in relation to how the LTTP attempted to address student general well-being, development of learning skills, acquisition of English language and literacy skills and the transition to secondary school.
Classroom observations of LTTP students throughout 2007 corroborated studies about the effects of culture shock (Herbert, 1995) and past trauma (Miller et al.
Students in the LTTP were supported in a number of ways, including smaller class sizes, a Sudanese teacher's aide, specialized counselling support, all of which helped to create a highly pastoral care classroom environment.
While all except one student showed significant progress, it is important to note that one student, Macy arrived into the LTTP as a funded Special Needs student, while J-D and Roberto were tested and identified during 2007 as working in the range of mild learning disability.