LTUBLomba Tata Upacara Bendera (Indonesian: Flag Ceremony Competition Procedures)
LTUBLa Trobe University, Bendigo (Australia)
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In addition to this, 16 of this subgroup indicated that it was necessary for them to relocate in order to attend LTUB.
Only 13% of those living at home had considered withdrawing from LTUB compared to 34.
The aim of this study was to explore and describe the economic well-being of students enrolled at LTUB with particular emphasis on the relationship between type of residence and key well-being indicators.
The picture at LTUB in general is one of many students experiencing financial hardships.
Perhaps not surprisingly there is virtually no information on the LTUB website or brochures available anywhere on campus discussing the issue of homelessness, although the issue of student poverty is well recognised and a 'food bank' service is provided.