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LTVLoan To Value (ratio)
LTVLeisure Travel Van (various companies)
LTVLinear Time-Varying (systems and controls)
LTVLabour Theory of Value (economic theory)
LTVLife Time Value (marketing and targeted marketing, mailing)
LTVLaytonville (Amtrak station code; Laytonville, CA)
LTVLong Term Volunteering
LTVLoan to Valuation (ratio)
LTVLatvian Television (Riga, Latvia)
LTVLight Tactical Vehicle (US Army)
LTVLong-Term Variability
LTVLaptop Ventilator (medical equipment)
LTVLing-Temco-Vought Corporation
LTVLight Transport Vehicle (Pakistan)
LTVLocal Thickness Variation
LTVLogistics Transfer Vehicle
LTVLarge Test Vessel
LTVLocal Transport Vehicle
LTVLand Transport Vehicle
LTVLead-Time Variance
LTVLing-Temco-Vought Co.
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Many property stakeholders believe this limitation is holding back a sizeable portion of potential homebuyers, and suggest that authorities should instead increase the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio to encourage first-time buyers.
433.880 million was allocated for POL for LTV, HTV, Motorcycles and Ambulances, he informed.
TEVTA, as per their requirements, started LTV course with the collaboration of National Highways and Motorway Policeat 36 Road Safety Training Institutes (RSTIs).
This transaction is MENA LTV's third high-profile private investment in Egypt in as many years.
The central bank's consultation paper published 7 October proposes limiting how much banks can lend to individuals with LTVs above 80% and LTIs above 3.5 to 15% and 20% of new lending respectively and limiting buy-to-let lending with LTV greater than 70% to 10% of new lending.
LTV caught Cyprus by storm and, by virtue of competition, elevated television content to heights never before imagined by any of the traditional open channels.
If UAE nationals seek loans for a second home or investment property, the LTV must not exceed 65 per cent of the value of the property.
As we project the analysis to 2017, the LTV ratio of new loans is assumed to stay steady at today's levels.
"This time, we will continue to make reductions across the board, but our largest cuts on loans with an LTV of 90 per cent.
A two-year fixed-rate mortgage at 70% LTV is available at 2.74%.
A NEW mortgage deal from Santander helps homebuyers by cutting rates by up to 0.35% - and upping the loan-tovalue (LTV) limit on advances from 60% to 70%.