LTVPLong-Term Vasopressin Potentiation
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The current LTVP that foreign wives hold does not allow them to take any form of paid employment.
Some wives believe that with a WP and its lowly status it may be even more difficult for them to secure PR status than with the LTVP they are already holding.
When they come to be familiarized with Singapore's unspoken yet powerful subjectification rationalities that categorize 'talents', 'mothers', and 'workers' as contributing members of society, they try to become 'talents' (by producing certificates and diplomas), 'workers' (by converting an LTVP to a WP with paid low-skilled work), and 'mothers', rather than 'idling wives' who might be perceived as consuming too many social resources (eg, requiring constant spousal or community support) without contributing much to society.