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Byblos Bank's LTW noted that total banking sector assets and deposits at the end of 2016 were equivalent, respectively, to 393 percent and 312.7 percent of GDP and that these rates-to-GDP were higher than in 2015.
The greatest daily losses in 2013 were observed in August-September and were 365 153, 22 and 4.4g N [ha.sup.-1] for ETw, ETs, LTw and MP, respectively.
LTW serves as a practical guide to the brave new world of work, where talent connects to employment wherever and whenever it finds the best fit.
(107) Golden State was similarly clear that the resulting conflict between it and the LTW holders was resolved in its favor:
Schaafsma ES, Raynor DK, de Jong-van den Berg LTW. Accessing medication information by ethnic minorities: barriers and possible solutions.
During contour laser transmission welding (LTW), energy is absorbed by the laser-absorbing (ie black) material and immediately begins to redistribute itself by conduction inside the thermoplastic material.
Years of existence for the Louder Than Words (LTW) group of custom gunsmiths who donate guns for charity auctions.
A Model of Asset Trading under the Assumption of Sequential Information Arrival, The Journal of Finance, 31(4), cited in Darrat, AF, Zhong, M and Cheng, LTW 2008, 'Intraday volume and volatility relations with and without public news', Journal of Banking and Finance, vol.
Jewelry Television (LTW) is a television and Internet shopping channel focusing exclusively on jewelry, gemstones and related products.
In 1987, Nakamata (2) defined laser transmission welding (LTW) as the joining of optically transparent and absorbent plastic parts (see Fig.
Leuz, Triantis and Wang (LTW, 2008) look at firms that either deregister or go private before and after the passage of SOX.