LTWALibrary of Tibetan Works and Archives (India)
LTWALittle Tennessee Watershed Association (Franklin, TN)
LTWALong Trailing Wire Antenna
LTWAList of Title Word Abbreviations (ISSN)
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The collection of LTWA also includes the Biography of Bstan 'dzin chos rgyal (1700-1767), 10th rje mkhan po of Bhutan (18), biography of first Zhabs drung Rinpoche of Bhutan, Ngag dbang rnam rgyal alias Ngag dbang bdud 'joms rdo rje (1594-1651)20, biography of Zhabs drung written by Gtsang mkhan chen 'jam dbyangs dpal ldan rgya mtsho--c.
There are 78 English titles on Bhutan in the foreign reference section of LTWA and plus has of course acquired Brug--a journal of Bhutan studies.
Note:--The English translations of all the above letters were done by the Research and Translation Department of LTWA.
A Catalogue of the Phug brag manuscript Kanjur, LTWA 1992 Slob dpon Nag mdog.
For more detail see Jampa Samten, A Catalogue of the Phug brag manuscript Kanjur, LTWA 1992.
With these lines I wish to express my appreciation to Geshe Lhakdor, the LTWA Director, and Ngawang Yeshi, the LTWA General Secretary, for their backing while I was putting together the seminar.
I am equally obliged to Karma Kedhup who opened the LTWA Visual and Audio Archives for me to choose rarities for the entertainment of the scholars, and to Palmo Tsering for archival research.
However, this Kha skong volume has been missing from the LTWA collection.
The LTWA has procured the manuscript and other logistic support.
However, in the present holdings of LTWA, there are 75 volumes of of Rgyud 'grel and 133 volumes of Mdo 'grel, plus one each volume of Bstod tshogs (strotas) and Dkar chag (catalogue) becomes 208 volumes.
The missing volumes and folios in the LTWA collection were digitised from the Bstan 'gyur set preserved in the main temple of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and one set of Bstan 'gyur collection in Tibet House, New Delhi.
Tsering, Tashi, Introduction, A mdo rwa rgya'i bka' 'gyur dkar chag, LTWA, Dharamsala 1983