LTWPLawrence Township Winter Percussion (Indianapolis, IN)
LTWPLong Term Work Programme
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LTWP executive director Rizwan Fazal said there will be more power available at a lower tariff to Kenya Power.
Keter told senators the Sh5.7 billion paid to LTWP was final and no additional expenses would be incurred.
The county government is a co-defendant in the suit alongside LTWP.
In a letter sent to LTWP project sponsors quoted by the Kenyan newspaper Business Daily, Johannes Zutt, the former World Bank country director for Kenya, stated that the "take-or-pay" provisions in the 20-year agreement would require consumers to pay for excess power generation.
In June last year OPIC approved a $250m guaranty for LTWP. This was part of OPIC's $1.5bn pledged within President Obama's $7bn Power Africa Initiative.
The LTWP consortium is comprised of KP&P Africa B.V.
aACoeThe project has been under private development since 2005 and that is in itself a remarkable testimony to the stability and soundness of the Kenyan electricity sector as well as the environment for Independent Power Producer (IPP),aACA[yen] said Carlo Van Wageningen, Chairman, LTWP.
LTWP chief executive Rizwan Fazal said Tuesday the firm was optimistic that the uptake would hit the threshold by October given the trend since January this year."We have so far done 550 million units kilowatt hours and when we hit the 1.
Why then has LTWP not (yet) succeeded in being the game-changer it was set out to be?
""LTWP is not contracted under the PPA to always provide 310MW ndashthat is simply impossible given that you are dependent on wind.