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We found that high PLK1 expression levels were associated with depressed Treg cell enrichment levels in 16 cancer types (THYM, LUSC, GBM, TGCT, SKCM, PRAD, UCEC, ESCA, UCS, UVM, OV, DLBC, LUAD, STAD, CESC, and KICH) while were associated with enhanced Treg cell activity in 5 cancer types (THCA, KIRC, LIHC, BRCA, and BLCA) (Spearman correlation, FDR<0.1) (Figure 3).
The genomic data, including UBE2D1 DNA copy number alterations (CNAs), which were presented as gene-level thresholded GISTIC2-processed copy number data, were also downloaded to examine the association between UBE2D1 RNA expression and the CNAs in LUAD patients.
UBE2D1 expression at the protein level in normal respiratory epithelial tissues and LUAD and LUSC tissues was characterized by using IHC staining data in the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) (https://www.proteinatlas.
The association between UBE2D1 RNA expression and the clinicopathological parameters in LUAD patients was assessed by using the chi-squared test by two-sided Fisher's exact test.
UBE2D1 RNA Expression Was Higher in LUAD and LUSC Tissues than in Normal Respiratory Tissues.
Increased UBE2D1 RNA Expression Was Associated with Poor Survival Outcomes in LUAD Patients, but Not in LUSC Patients.
UBE2D1 RNA Expression Was Independently Associated with Shorter OS and RFS in LUAD Patients.
However, the role of Rab27b in LUAD remains unclear.
Then, we detected the Rab27b expression in LUAD cell lines and tissue samples by using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and Western blot tests.
The TCGA database was employed ( to validate the RNA expression of Rab27b in LUAD tissues and corresponding noncancerous tissues.
Three LUAD cell lines (H1299, H1975, and A549) and a human bronchial epithelial cell line (HBE) were obtained from the cell bank of the Chinese Academy of Science (Shanghai, China) and cultured routinely by our lab.
qPCR and Western blot analyses were performed in LUAD cell lines and LUAD samples.