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The Ce-doped YAG has been mainly used for charged-particle detectors, and it was attempted to substitute Lu for the Y (Cedoped LuAG) in order to achieve a higher detection efficiency for high-energy photons.
In the 2000s, it was also discovered that [Pr.sup.3+]-doped LuAG also showed a 5d-4f transition of [Pr.sup.3+].
(2014) Effect of [Mg.sup.2+] co-doping on the scintillation performance of LuAG:Ce ceramics.
Adilson Cazarini is responsible for all the Control System of Comgas Distribution Network, and leads the Control Room Area coordinating issues: natural gas supply and odorization, Loss Unaccounted Gas (LUAG) and distribution volumes estimation.
Oh, yes, it's "Luag thiaj paub: peb yog cov ntseeg, huav kev hlub, huav kev hlub."
Not once during this Mass did those who practiced sing, "They Will Know We Are Christians ..." Not once did they sing, "Luag thiaj paub: peb yog cov ntseeg ...' Perhaps next week.
Subsequently, a green phosphor ([Lu.sub.3][Al.sub.5][0.sub.12]:[Ce.sup.3+,] LuAG) and a red phosphor (CaAlSiN3:Eu2+, CASN) with various wt% concentrations were used to create the WLEDs and w-WLEDs.
Additionally, the CCT of WLEDs containing c-SCPhCs decreased from approximately 3974 K to 2960 K without an increase in the wt% of the LuAG and CASN phosphors.
The WLEDs show a weak drift of lumen maintenance due to the LuAG phosphor of the oxidation of [Ce.sup.3+] to [Ce.sup.4+] and the CASN phosphor of the oxidation of [Eu.sup.2+] to [Eu.sup.3+], respectively [19, 20].
She is perceived as a benevolent, teasing but invisible spirit, that will tickle children while sleeping, making them smile, laugh or babble in their dreams according to this expression "Children laugh at Mother Dab Pog/Kaying" (Menyuam luag Poj Dab Pog/Kab Yeeb).