LUBILOSALutte Biologique contre les Locustes et Sauteriaux (project of CAB International and LITA, CGIAR)
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Worldwide, control of locusts and grasshoppers has relied on the use of synthetic pesticides; but following the widespread use of synthetic insecticides during the Desert locust plague of the late 1980s in Africa, the LUBILOSA (LUtte BIologique contre les LOcustes et les SAuteriaux) program was funded with the aim to find biological alternatives.
Higher yields meant lower costs of production and yields have improved in recent years, such that 120g of spores are produced per kilogram of rice substrate, much higher than reported by manufacturers of other isolates such as the LUBILOSA isolate in Africa (Cherry et al.
La mayoria de los sistemas de produccion de America Latina, China y del programa internacional LUBILOSA, estan basados en el intercambio del aire entre la camara de crecimiento y el ambiente externo (Elosegui, 2006).