LUBOLubricating Oil
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They choose a king, whom they call Lubo: every eighth year they carry their wives with them, and expose their children without any tenderness in the woods, it being prohibited, on pain of death, to take any care of those which are born in the camp.
It was necessary on this account to consult their lubo or king: I found him in a straw hut something larger than those of his subjects, surrounded by his courtiers, who had each a stick in his hand, which is longer or shorter according to the quality of the person admitted into the king's presence.
Edduba, a Tulgao tribe member, had appealed for peace and advised fellow Tulgaos against confronting Lubo tribe members.
On Tuesday, NPA terrorists under guerilla-committee 30 of the CPP-NPA-NEMRC harassed the Lubo Patrol Base at 4 a.m.
Robert Johnstone added: "Well said, Lubo. The league titles you won against strong Rangers teams will always mean more than this run of six in a row."
But while they have no superstar big names, Lubo says coach Jan Kozak will have the likes of former Rangers loanee Vladimir Weiss, who scored in a 2-1 win over Russia, well drilled.
Winner Mary Brooke with runners-up David Allatt and Lubo Tekev.
"I know Lubo was a magician and Kris is a little bit more direct, but he is dynamite with both feet.
"He knows to keep players motivated all the time, even if they are not playing often," Lubo said.
Abbott added: "Having Lubo and Paul back for the game was a massive plus and it cheered me up.
The Friedman system features a drum feeder, Lubo screens and a Bollegraaf HBC 110 baler.
"Patrik reminds me of Lubo Moravcik, who was up at Celtic," said O'Neill.