LUCAPLoyola University Community Action Program (New Orleans, LA)
LUCAPLand Use Control Assurance Plan
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These are in Pangapisan, Mona, Baley Ya Daan, Cayucay, Lucap, Bued, Sabangan, Pandan and Telbang.
They reiterated their involvement with faculty members, UMAS members, members of LUCAP, and other student body officials to work towards meeting the established goals.
Under the contract, the LKY will not remove any tree at the wharf and will leave and improve the existing historical structures like the Limahong-Urduja kiosk, Lucap lighthouse, and the newly built tourism function hall.
The fishermen not only earn from fishing but also from tourism when they take visitors for boat rides along the Lucap Wharf coastline or to the Hundred Islands, said Mike Sison, Alaminos tourism officer.
In Alaminos City, the government structures found to have violated coastline protection laws included the Lucap wharf, which is the jump-off point to Hundred Islands National Park; the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) building; and a health center.
Cale operates a five-passenger boat that is rented out for P1,400 for a trip from Lucap Wharf here to Hundred Islands National Park.
At the end of the day, or when their boat docks at Lucap Wharf, visitors submit their bags at a booth and redeem their deposit money.
Six tourists were injured on Easter Sunday when the motorboat taking them to the Hundred Islands National Park (HINP) in Alaminos City caught fire minutes after leaving the wharf at Barangay Lucap here.
Pilgrim's is a 15-minute boat ride from Lucap Wharf, the jump-off point to the HINP.
On a dark, starless night, the wind blows on Lucap Bay, sending small boats called 'paraw' to sway with the waves, their 'lampara' (kerosene lamps) flickering like fireflies and sails fluttering like butterflies in the breeze.
From the SCTEx exit in Tarlac City, the place can be reached in three-and-a-half hours, including a 30-minute boat ride from Barangay Lucap to the islands.
Tricycle rate from Alaminos City to Lucap Wharf is P15 to P20 per person or P60 to P80 per trip.