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LUCASLiverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (est. 1996; Liverpool, UK)
LUCASLand Use Change Analysis System
LUCASLakehead University Centre for Analytical Services (Canada)
LUCASLand Use/Cover Area Frame Survey
LUCASLaboratory Unit for Computer-Assisted Surgery (virtual surgical planning)
LUCASLiberty University Catalog System (library)
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On April 26, the Lucas family will help honor their son at a banquet in Macon, Ga.
Here Lucas ostensibly focuses on vandalism, as a silver-beige Opel Ascona sits to one side of this arena, its lights and windows smashed, fragments of glass scattered around--yet the discourse of domination, repression, and rebellion is palpable.
Lucas began his government tour of duty when he enlisted in the Army in 1967 to 1970.
It would seem he has a case he wants Lucas to take.
It will strengthen our presence in a fast-growing segment of the automotive industry and contribute to our strategic plan for Lucas to be seen as a global Tier 1 supplier to the world's major automotive companies.
The luncheon will feature Lucas, along with Executive Vice-President Bob Patison, providing an overview of the Lucas Oil, Lucas Oil Motorsports, Team Lucas, Lucas Oil Productions and MAVTV television network vertical business model that's responsible for organizing hundreds of racing events around the country, along with generating more than 300 hours of television coverage and an astounding 1.
For Lucas (and doubtless millions of fans), this is closure after more than a 30-year odyssey and a six-movie story arc.
A Russian is found shot dead with fifty-year-old bullets, and Lucas finds himself heading the investigation with the aid of the FBI and Russian agent Nadezhda Kalin.
Lucas is the senior civilian at MTMC, a component of the U.
Stranger * Written by Craig Lucas * Directed by Mark Brokaw * Starring David Strathairn and Kyra Sedgwick * Vineyard Theater, New York City (until November 19)
CPW 148 status allows Lucas to send equipment direct to Pratt & Whitney without source inspection.