LUCFLand Use Change and Forestry
LUCFLantor Universal Carbon Fibres, Ltd. (Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, UK)
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When LUCF is included, emissions for the same year equal 238.7 million tons C[O.sub.2]-eq.
* LUCF is a net sink, absorbing 43.9 million tons of C[O.sub.2]-eq during the year 2000.
* Total GHG emissions (no including LUCF) have steadily increased from 231.1 million tons of C[O.sub.2]-eq in 1990 to 282.0 million tons of C[O.sub.2]-eq in 2000.
Waste 14.01 International bunkers 4.71 C[O.sub.2] emissions from burning of Biomass 12.48 Emissions from burning of grasslands 5.18 (1) Total Net emissions include emissions from Land Use Change and Forestry (LUCF).
And there was a good deal of wrangling over hour broad that LUCF term ought to be.
Eventually, the delegates agreed that the LUCF term would apply only to changes in carbon stock resulting from active management - or mismanagement - of the forests.
This distinction might sound like little more than a terminological quibble: if trees have been planted in an area after the beginning of 1990, then that area becomes part of the "Kyoto Forest" - it can be included under the LUCF term - so what difference does it make whether it's "afforested" or "reforested"?
So apparently, that limitation to "reforestation, afforestation, and deforestation since 1990" - the current LUCF definition - may not apply here.