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LUCIDLSU (Louisiana State University) Undergraduate Chemistry Information Depot
LUCIDLogical User Centered Interaction Design (Cognetics Corporation)
LUCIDLocal Unit Criteria and Indicators Development
LUCIDLucifer's Universal Criminal Identification System :-)
LUCIDLogical Universal Communication Interactive Databank :-)
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"Lucid, but ambiguous; pathetic, but amusing; poetical, but comprehensive; prosaical, but full of emphasis.
"You owe me something more lucid in the way of explanations.
First of all, of course, our authority for the issue and event of the battle is in Olivier's own dispatches, which are lucid enough.
Never, I'll swear, was he so lucid and so strong as when poor Murray lay a cold lump at his feet.
In a lucid interval, Huck feebly led up to the subject of taverns, and finally asked -- dimly dreading the worst -- if anything had been discovered at the Temperance Tavern since he had been ill.
For was it not," said Joe, with his old air of lucid exposition, "that my only wish were to be useful to you, I should not have had the honour of breaking wittles in the company and abode of gentlemen."
We directed him to draw out whatever was at the end of that chain; which appeared to be a globe, half silver, and half of some transparent metal; for, on the transparent side, we saw certain strange figures circularly drawn, and though we could touch them, till we found our fingers stopped by the lucid substance.
Among other things, he said the governor was against him, not to lose the presents his relations made him for reporting him still mad but with lucid intervals; and that the worst foe he had in his misfortune was his large property; for in order to enjoy it his enemies disparaged and threw doubts upon the mercy our Lord had shown him in turning him from a brute beast into a man.
In many climates the sky would have been thought clear and lucid for a noontide.
That lucid and admirable statement seems to be the last word in the matter.
He seemed to recover himself, for a lucid gleam came into his eyes, and he relaxed his hold with a short laugh that was more like a growl.
Lucid dreaming, where you know that you are dreaming while the dream is still happening, has many potential benefits.