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LUCKLearning under Correct Knowledge
LUCKLaboring Under Correct Knowledge
LUCKLeuvens Universitair Centrum voor Kankerpreventie (Dutch: Leuven University Center for Cancer Prevention; Belgium)
LUCKLocation, Understanding, Connections and Knowledge
LUCKLiving Under Christ's Kindness
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He was apt, when pushed so close by hard luck, to kick the best dressed man he could see, and try to take command of the boat.
I'm looking for the crooked-nose man that's to bring the good luck.
By the two signs," answers Tobin, trying to explain, "which ye display according to the reading of the Egyptian palmist from the sole of me hand, ye've been nominated to offset with good luck the lines of trouble leading to the nigger man and the blonde lady with her feet crossed in the boat, besides the financial loss of a dollar sixty-five, all so far fulfilled according to Hoyle.
None," says I to him, "except that as one horseshoe resembles another so are ye the picture of good luck as predicted by the hand of me friend.
Snell's sentiment, that when a man had deserved his good luck, it was the part of his neighbours to wish him joy.
The countryman stopped to ask what was o'clock; this led to further chat; and Hans told him all his luck, how he had so many good bargains, and how all the world went gay and smiling with him.
Then up he got with a light heart, free from all his troubles, and walked on till he reached his mother's house, and told her how very easy the road to good luck was.
Uncle Salters has catched his luck," said Dan, as his father departed.
Salters, your blame luck holds tighter'n a screw in a keg-head.
Abishai has shorely took his luck with him," said Salters.
And they made me sit down at table beside them, poured me out a glass of wine, filled my hands with raisins, and all three, one after the other, and each with a bow, drank my good health, and their service to me, for my luck and courage.
Some will bribe, beg, solicit, rise early, entreat, persist, without attaining the object of their suit; while another comes, and without knowing why or wherefore, finds himself invested with the place or office so many have sued for; and here it is that the common saying, 'There is good luck as well as bad luck in suits,' applies.