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LUCKYLiving Under Correct Knowledge Yearly (Gary Busey)
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Thirteen's my lucky number, too," remarked the Scarecrow.
These two pleasures, his lucky shooting and the letter from his wife, were so great that two slightly disagreeable incidents passed lightly over Levin.
Hans took the stone, and went his way with a light heart: his eyes sparkled for joy, and he said to himself, 'Surely I must have been born in a lucky hour; everything I could want or wish for comes of itself.
You made a lucky guess; and that is all that can be said.
An' I'm such a lucky chap; an' I doubt you aren't quite so lucky, Mr.
The effect of his admirable lack of the sense of security once went so far as to make him remark to me: "Well, sir, you ARE a lucky man
Trent has been, I shall consider myself very lucky indeed.
As for himself, he had drawn a lucky hand, though he could not see all the cards.
Molly, beside her present unhappy condition, was differently formed in those parts, and might, perhaps, have tempted the envy of Brown to give her a fatal blow, had not the lucky arrival of Tom Jones at this instant put an immediate end to the bloody scene.
All that day we rested there by the water, thanking our stars that we had been lucky enough to find it, bad as it was, and not forgetting to render a due share of gratitude to the shade of the long-departed da Silvestra, who had set its position down so accurately on the tail of his shirt.
No goin' in an' absorbin' one of them lucky punches, now.
It had seemed to him an odd and lucky chance that Nutty Boyd should have come to the rooms which he was occupying that night, seeking a companion.