LUCLLeiden University Centre for Linguistics (Holland)
LUCLLateral Ulnar Collateral Ligament (radiology)
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A lot of groundbreaking research on the earliest history of Arabic has recently been done at LUCL (Veni-laureates Marijn van Putten and Ahmad Al-Jallad), and the Nabataean texts have incredible potential to add to that.'
LuCl seems to work; it lowered post-meal response to glucose in rats by 47%.
(7) In stage 1, the LUCL is disrupted, resulting in posterolateral rotatory subluxation of the elbow.
O'Driscoll and coworkers (6) have identified deficiency of the LUCL complex as the essential pathologic lesion leading to posterolateral rotatory instability.
Victoria Nyst from LUCL explains the significance of the summer school: 'The pan-African summer school truly is a unique event.
Physical exam may yield varus instability, tenderness over the LUCL complex and a positive lateral "pivot shift" test in which the patient lies supine with arm in 180 degrees of forward flexion while a valgus stress is applied to the elbow.