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LUDALarge Unit District Association (Illinois education)
LUDALarge Urban Distressed Areas (reseach project; EU)
LUDALand Use Data Acquisition (USGS)
LUDALower Undog Auxiliary
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Luda, darling, don't drink it in one gulp, it is a quality wine!'
Parental grain yield means ranged from 3683 kg [ha.sup.-1] for H24C8 up to 5472 kg [ha.sup.-1] for Stiff Stalk x Luda Red Cob (Table 2).
"For the first time in 20 years we begin the construction of reservoirs such as Luda Yana, Plovdivtsi, Neykovtsi as well as the reconstruction of Studena reservoir," said Desislava Terzieva Minister of Regional Development.
Energy company CNOOC Limited (NYSE:CEO)(SEHK:00883) reported on Monday the discovery of two new explorations in the new formation of Luda 6-2 structure in offshore China.
He's credited under his real name, Nayvadius Wilburn, as a writer on Ludacris' "Blueberry Yum Yum," the marijuana ballad from Luda's 2004 Red Light District album.
The 17-year-old pop star captained Team Bieber while the rapper led Team Luda at the annual LudaDay Celebrity Basketball Game in Atlanta, Georgia.
Imagine, would you want Luda Crooks up in your crib solo?
Through his interpreter, Luda Tagay, Egor said: 'I liked meeting the children and that they were all shaking my hand.
Luda Krempers prefers a good bowl of borscht, a soup prepared with cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and various spices, all topped with sour cream.
Lee Ermey Jedidiah David Dorfman Teenage Girl Laura German Old Monty Terrence Evans Luda May Marietta Marich Henrietta Heather Kafka Tea Lady in Trailer Kathy Lamkin Big Rig Bob Brad Leland Clerk Mamie Meek Narrator John Larroquette The first pic to emerge from Michael Bay's low(er)-budget production pact with Radar Pictures, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is an initially promising, but quickly disappointing retread of Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel's hugely influential horror classic.
I like coming down here for a good day out." The rest of the family; Luda, 34, Katia, 13, and Kirill, 9, nod in agreement.