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LUDALarge Unit District Association (Illinois education)
LUDALarge Urban Distressed Areas (reseach project; EU)
LUDALand Use Data Acquisition (USGS)
LUDALower Undog Auxiliary
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In conjunction, the company holds 100% interest in the independent oilfield Luda 10-1 and acts as the operator.
CNOOC Limited (CNOOC), a company that explores, develops, produces and sells crude oil, natural gas and other petroleum products, has announced that Luda (LD) 27-2, a new independent field in Bohai Bay, has come on stream ahead of schedule.
Luda was deceived, not for the first time in her life.
Luda professionally and cheerfully greets callers and assists with their inquiries and requests.
18, 1914, in Myrtle Point to Elton and Luda Robbins.
Goldwaser, Beatriz, Micaela Astorga, Diana Escobar, Laura Martinez, Alejandro Polidori, Gustavo Luda, David Garione, Gabriela Gabucci, Romina Martinez, Viviana Canelo y Jorge Nogueiro
Derek Keene and Luda Klusakova for kindly providing me these opportunities to discuss research in progress, and to Luisa Elena Alcala, Marcy Norton, and Maria Jose del Rio for their critical comments on an earlier draft of this article.
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Texas Christian University (Eta Kappa) 16 November 2006: Carter Dunbar, Travis Eaton, Michael Finn, Luda Chuba Hall, Stephanie Haynes, Catherine Hoag, Ryne Kahan, Joey Kramer, Mary-Evelyn Pierce, Jake Ramsey, Karen Reis, Melinda Leigh Sloane, Ty Williams, Jeff Yale.
Winners of On-2 Division were #201 Oliver Pineda & Luda Kroiter (representing Sydney, Australia); 2nd Place #202 Junior & Emily Alabi (representing Korea and El Salvador, living in San Francisco), and 3rd Place #205 John Navarez & Liz Rojas (representing Oakland, California).
1, the world of hip-hop, it seemed, finally had to give Luda his due.