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LUDALarge Unit District Association (Illinois education)
LUDALarge Urban Distressed Areas (reseach project; EU)
LUDALand Use Data Acquisition (USGS)
LUDALower Undog Auxiliary
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Luda was deceived, not for the first time in her life.
Luda Zaikovskaya, 17, said: "It's very interesting, because England is different to Belarus.
Rachael Cressey and Zoe Kitts are now qualified Accounting Association technicians, Kerry Winnert is an AAT intermediate, Sarah Watson, Elizabeth Watts, Carol Leonard and Luda De Savi are part-qualified accountants, while Amy Turnbull was successful in 8 GCSEs.
Benefiting from the lowering costs and enhancing efficiency program, of the seven projects scheduled to come on stream in 2015, the Jinzhou 9-3 oilfield comprehensive adjustment, Bozhong 28/34 oilfields comprehensive adjustment, Kenli 10-1 oilfield, Dongfang 1-1 gas field phase one adjustment and Luda 10-1 oilfield comprehensive adjustment have successfully commenced production, and several came on stream ahead of schedule and under budget.
While Luda 16-3 South structure is expected to become a mid-sized discovery after appraisal, Kenli 16-1 structure uncovers the good exploration potential of southern slope of Laizhou Bay Sag in Bohai.
The construction of the Luda Yana dam in the southern Bulgarian municipality of Pazardzhik is to start in 2013.
The 17-year-old pop star captained Team Bieber while the rapper led Team Luda at the annual LudaDay Celebrity Basketball Game in Atlanta, Georgia.
My girl Amanda, my family, and Luda for being a cool roomie and letting me slide on rent 'til my photo incentive cheek comes in.
Through his interpreter, Luda Tagay, Egor said: 'I liked meeting the children and that they were all shaking my hand.
Luda Krempers prefers a good bowl of borscht, a soup prepared with cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and various spices, all topped with sour cream.
The rest of the family; Luda, 34, Katia, 13, and Kirill, 9, nod in agreement.
Owned by Luda and Victor Conti, Avanti is a posh day resort offering almost every service and amenity available.