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OpenJaw and Ludex have used IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence to train t-Social on thousands of questions and answers using natural, conversational language.
We are delighted to partner with Ludex, whom we believe to be part of the next generation of innovators in the Dublin startup world.
Keywords: Mitis ludex Dominus, Marriage Processes, Reform Canonical Process.
Keywords: Dignitas Connubii, Mitis ludex, Procedural Continuity, Validity of the Law.
Mitis ludex que estan tomadas literalmente de la Digiitas Connubii, por ejemplo los arts.
Keywords: Bishop, Judge, Mitis ludex Dominus Iesus.
The Judicial Power of the Bishop in Motu Proprio Mitis ludex
Mitis ludex Dominus Iesus, ponencia pronunciada con motivo de las <<XIII Conversaciones Canonicas Valentinas>>, organizadas por la Universidad Catolica S.
The Roles of Judicial Vicar and Instructor in Marriage Nullity Processes after motu proprio Mitis ludex
--, La reforma de los procesos canonicos de nididad matrimonial: el motil proprio <<Mitis ludex Dominus lesus>>, Estudios Eclesiasticos 90 (2015) 639-642.