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LUDICLee University Developmental Inclusion Classroom (autism; Cleveland, TN)
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Whereas in the moment of classic narratology, before the crisis of the subject," it was possible to speak unself-consciously about something called "authorial presence," as if this involved merely authorial "commentary," and to work out a taxonomy of commentative modes,20 recent "postnarratological" ludic theory (presuming the "splitness of the subject") tends to characterize metafiction not only in a more philosophically reflexive but also in a more political-sounding fashion.
The fact is that I want College Literature to be a poststructural, ludic, academic-intellectual mall with all the latest high-tech "textwares" on display.
The Ludic Labs team includes Paul Gauthier, who was co-founder of Inktomi in the Internet search market, and David Gourley who was chief technology officer at Endeca in the commerce and business intelligence area.
He analyzes and critiques what he calls ludic military habitus, the manner in which the habits and social interactions of young people, particularly boys and young men, have been reconfigured through a form of pedagogy embedded within military-themed or military-oriented video games.
The ludic nature of Vitrac's language (and of the child who is the main character of the play) has obviously a lot to do with the surrealist idea that poetry and art ought to go back to the child within us, in the same way that Nietzsche stressed the seriousness of the child at play.
Three photographs and forty-six labor-intensive, mostly large-scale drawings, depicting everything from Kenneth Noland-esque concentric circles to headlines clipped from the New York Times to iconic photojournalistic images, were arrayed around the gallery walls in a way that verged at times on the ludic (as with one work consisting of the repeated phrase BUSH, PLEASE BUY RUBBERS) and at times on the melancholy (as with elegiac renderings of moments from Haendel's '70s childhood) but that, due to the artist's pixel-perfect style, felt wryly restrained.
If there is an occasional sense of strain, this is invariably redeemed by the ludic nature of the demonstration.
Sex that escaped family and civic morality was, as Ruggiero demonstrates, riddled with the ludic.
Also shared between the stories is a ludic sense of language and syntax: despite their brevity, Unferth's stories have strong maximalist tendencies, using repetition and digression toward both comic and obsessive ends.
She reads Otranto and its prefaces as a ludic event that mimics and transgresses the norms to which it ostensibly adheres.
Analyzing the post-al logic of the left(2) is important because it not only reveals how the ludic left is complicit with capitalism but, for the more immediate purposes of this text-of-response, it allows us to relate the local discussions in these texts to global problems and to deal, in OR-2's [Laird's] words, with the "encompassing philosophical issues"(3) that are so violently suppressed by the diversionist uses of "detailism"(4) in these nine texts.