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LUDICLee University Developmental Inclusion Classroom (autism; Cleveland, TN)
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Ludic Labs plans to expand Diddit in the coming months by scaling to millions of activities and adding new user features as well as announcing new partners.
Such verbal "bisociation" the author asserts, is the major ludic pattern in the sonnet.
Finally, this study will close with a ludic sonnet in which the Manzanares itself speaks.
Odile Ludic worked at a packaging company in Henlow, Beds, lived in Cambridge and was probably aged between 23 and 25.
Racist cliches are "corralled in ludic routines" and used bruisingly against themselves.
The workbook and lab manual (by Marcel Danesi and Salvatore Bancheri) is thoroughly revised and continues to offer a wealth of exercise and activity material that strives to create a balance between the more formal development of the four skills and creative and ludic uses of language.
What really worries Peterfreund about language is our unself-conscious tendency to allow its ludic projections to harden into ideology.
A study by the Ludic Group with the London School of Economics and Political Science, commissioned by employment law experts Croner, says ageist stereotypes are rife in the workplace.
Ebert argues in Ludic Feminism and After (1999), postmodern feminisms have focused on theories of desire, performativity, linguistic play, difference, and discourse to the relative exclusion of theories and analyses of class, capitalism, oppression, and "patriarchy" (a term now calling for scare quotation marks signalling awareness of it as a dated, totalizing concept).
But there is a ludic nature to warfare, which Redford does not explore in his book.
The first category sanctifies exhortation, rhetorical plainness, unadorned truth-telling; the second blesses ornate, elaborate eloquence, ludic loquaciousness.
This ludic Siedlung for functionalist sun-and-sand worshippers was never realized; it nevertheless exudes that spirit of social experimentation and constructional play particular to Schindler.