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LUDOLeeds United Disabled Organisation (UK)
LUDOLanguage for Unified Design and Operation (computing)
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Kate recalls: "My mum said 'Oh, that nice Ludo Graham works in telly, he might be able to help'.
When giving information, mention Operation Ludo to ensure the information gets passed to the correct team.
Ludo Graham said: "We have wanted to open a centre like this for a long time, but location was the key.
V&A curator of the exhibition Martin Barnes (left) and Ludo Keston at launch of the event.
One of the most successful games over the years has been ludo which has, says Irving, conquered the world.
Kevin jolted me out of my reverie and told us he was taking us straight to the distillery where our guide Ludo was waiting.
After his older sister and two brothers are introduced, to much general approval, Ludo descends from the stairs in full drag.
Multi award-winning food writer Nigella Lawson is back on telly for the right reasons, and she is joined by Ludo Lefebvre and food maverick Anthony Bourdain in her search to find the best chef who can impress with a single spoonful of food.