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Conceivably, Jack's Harvard senior thesis on the Munich pact might have been worth publishing on its merits, but only Dad could have arranged for Henry Luee to write the foreword of Why England Slept and for heavyweight New York Times columnist Arthur Krock to give his son's prose a going-over.
"Loo, loo, loo," or "lu-ee, lu-ee, ah luee" (uttered in a low, even tone) = "I'm really contented," or "I think you're cool," or "I'm pleased with myself."
Montgomery Aegean Walter Charles Merchant Scott Robertson Soldier Davis Kirby Antipholus of Syracuse Jonathan Dokuchitz Dromio of Syracuse Lee Wilkof Antipholus of Ephesus Tom Hewitt Dromio of Ephesus Chip Zien Tailor Joseph Siravo Apprentice Kirk McDonald Luee Toni Dibuono Sorcerer George Hall Adriana Lauren Mitchell Luciana Erin Dilly Madam Jackee Harry Angelo Jeffrey Broadhurst Courtesans Sara Gettelfinger Deidre Goodwin, Milena Govieh, Teri Hansen, Elizabeth Mills Musical numbers: "Hurrah!