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LUFLuxembourg Franc (Currency Unit, ISO)
LUFLiberala Ungdomsförbundet (Swedish: Liberal Youth)
LUFLowest Usable Frequency
LUFLove You Forever
LUFLiving Universe Foundation
LUFLot Unit Factor (development; California)
LUFLine Unit Failure
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Thanks to the LUF, the first step can now be taken.
Players Profiled: Agni Industries Fire Service, Ltd., BSS Holland B.V., DigiRobotics LLC, DOK-ING d.o.o., DRB Fatech Co., Ltd., Howe and Howe Technologies, IZ Holding, InRob Tech Ltd., Lockheed Martin, LUF GmbH, Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd., Parosha Holdings & QinetiQ Group PLC
Leading D' Luf' was team captain Danny Atubang on 490.
Meanwhile, the Lady plays an identity-game that sets Gawain against his courtly stereotype: he must prove that he is indeed who he says he is by properly telling a "tal[e]" (story) (1297-1301) and by offering adequate "wordes" (words) of "luf" (love) (1523-27).
This implies that the RC's actual LUF is affected by the loading.
Denote by LuF the fast Newton method, which is based on a fast LU algorithm that reduces the cost of Newton's algorithm proposed by Lu [26] from O([n.sup.3]) to O([n.sup.2]); see Section 2.1.3.
Characteristics of artemether-lumefantrine tablets and artemether injection sampled Sample code Country of origin Strength Date of (ART/LUF) mg manufacture AL1 Switzerland 20/120 1/10 AL2 India 40/240 8/10 AL3 India 20/120 11/09 AL4 Ghana 20/120 9/10 AL5 India 20/120 3/10 AL6 India 20/120 5/10 ARTJ * India 80 mg/ml 7/10 Sample code Expiry date FDB registration AL1 12/11 NA AL2 7/12 NA AL3 10/12 Yes AL4 8/13 NA AL5 2/12 NA AL6 4/12 NA ARTJ * 6/13 NA * Artemether injection; ART = Artemether; LUF = Lumefantrine; FDB = Food and Drugs Board, Ghana; NA-Not available.
A key metric used to describe the efficiency of the roundwood extraction process is the logging utilization factor (LUF).
This inaccurate reference is likely traceable to the Clogg [1979] measurement of underemployment using the Labor Utilization Framework (LUF) that underlies the BLS measures and is well documented by Sullivan and Hauser [1978].
y GERHARD LUF, "On the Transcendental Import of KELSEN'S Basic Norm", 221-234.
Frendez fellen in fere and fapomed togeder, To dry[??] her delful deystyne and dy[??]en alle samen; Luf lokez to luf, and his leue takez, For to ende alle at onez and for euer twynne.
Alejandro Cestero has been appointed vice president and general counsel of Luf kin Industries Inc.