LUFSLoudness Units Relative to Full Scale (audio levels standard)
LUFSLoudness Units Full Scale (audio measurement)
LUFSLinux Userland File System
LUFSLuteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome (fertility)
LUFSLarge Unit Financial System (software; US Coast Guard)
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A key metric used to describe the efficiency of the roundwood extraction process is the logging utilization factor (LUF).
C'est lors de son terrain parmi les Bochimans qu'il fit un reve dans lequel un Luf d'autruche suspendu devant ses yeux se fendait en deux, la partie droite de l'oeuf etant completement blanche, la partie gauche encerclee de deux lignes minces, l'une rouge, l'autre verte.
A few openly pro-immigrant rights policymakers, such as Representative Lufs Gutierrez (D-III.), even began to mention the "A-word" (amnesty for all undocumented workers), as proposed by the AFL-CIO.
CWO Longo is responsible for the integrity of all production databases and enhancements of Large Unit Financial Systems (LUFS), the Coast Guard's major single integrated accounting and procurement system consisting of thousands of users and an even larger number of accounts.
Plaintiffs Susana Quiros de Rapaport and Marfa Teresa Pinero de Georgiadis sued for emotional anguish and loss of companionship, affection, consortium, and future financial support sustained by the death of their husbands Horacio Lufs Rapaport and Angel Georgiadis.
Lufs Garcia Meza was financed by the cocaine traffickers and supported by an army of neofascist European mercenaries recruited by former Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie, the infamous "Butcher of Lyons" [see George Black, "Delle Chiaie: From Bologna to Bolivia," The Nation, April 25, 1987].
Randa de Guzman and Cesar Pagtalunan shot 534 and 495 in support of Francisco at Lufs, while with two games each were Cromwel Marzo 126-155, Farida 175-189 and Rommel Marasigan 135-128.
(a) Postgraduate Department, University Center of Maranhao, Sao Lufs, MA, Brazil.
Students train on computers using Coast Guard-specific and commercial software applications including the Coast Guard's Large Unit Financial System (LUFS), which is a key part of their training.