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LUGLugar (Portuguese: place; postal usage)
LUGLinux Users' Group
LUGLevel-Up! Games
LUGLock Up Garage (in real estate advertisements)
LUGLesbian Until Graduation
LUGLocal Users Group
LUGLugano, Switzerland - Agno (Airport Code)
LUGLego Users Group
LUGLeesville Urban Group
LUGLittle Ugly Guy
LUGLow-Order Unequipped Generator
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Instead of a link on the bottom lug, the lug is made with a cam, which rides the slide stop pin to control locking and unlocking.
Fit between the wood and the recoil lug is made tight all around by an extremely hard bedding compound.
It's important to understand the relationship between link length and barrel/locking lug to slide-stop measurements to do this.
Four groups were evaluated and compared: all 4,943 knees; 1,236 knees without femoral lugs and no femoral bone graft; 417 knees with femoral lugs and no femoral bone graft; and 3,290 knees with femoral lugs and with femoral bone graft (Table 1).
Once you are satisfied with the lug contact disassemble the bolt and clean off all traces of lapping compound.
Ladies, please note if you have alloy wheels that are held on by lug nuts with delicate finishes, the delicate aluminium or chrome-plated lug nuts need careful handling.
We've filled an important need for consumers and brand owners who seek the benefits of PET containers with metal lug closures, delivering the same quality and freshness associated with glass along with significant performance, manufacturing, and sustainability benefits.
It involves special engineering of the PET container and slight modification of the lug closure.
Slip the end of the recovery rope onto the recovery lug.
They have been our preferred choice when we have had more challenging situations, as at Trinity Square when we required the lifting lug skips.
The wheel is then secured to the hub with the lug nuts.
Remove one lug nut from each wheel and install a locking nut in its place.