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LUGLugar (Portuguese: place; postal usage)
LUGLinux Users' Group
LUGLevel-Up! Games
LUGLock Up Garage (in real estate advertisements)
LUGLesbian Until Graduation
LUGLocal Users Group
LUGLugano, Switzerland - Agno (Airport Code)
LUGLego Users Group
LUGLeesville Urban Group
LUGLittle Ugly Guy
LUGLow-Order Unequipped Generator
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you roar, wishing that you could get at him; and you give your ropes a lug that pulls all his pegs out.
Two more men had leaped into the water, but the fellows in the boat beat them off with the oars, hoisted the boat's lug and sailed away.
A large launch, with two standing lugs, lay under the lea of the schooner; and into this the strange assortment of goods were swung.
Obviously, if this face is not corrected, the recoil lug will only contact one side of the receiver ring and tightening the barrel nut may cause uneven pressure on the barrel shank.
The 568's lug design allows the ability to cap off the end of the piping system for the immediate need, but easy addition or replacement to the pipeline later on without having to depressurise the system," explains Brian Gordon, GF Piping product manager.
The innovative technology allows the fitment of metal lug closures to blow-and-trim 24-oz.
According to Bunlim Ly, Amcor senior marketing manager, metal lug closures are also less costly than some alternatives available for capping hot-fill PET containers.
Remedy: Customers may be able to identify from the ground whether a tin-coated lug (silver) or a bare-copper lug (brown) has been used on their solar panels.
Slip the end of the recovery rope onto the recovery lug.
They have been our preferred choice when we have had more challenging situations, as at Trinity Square when we required the lifting lug skips.
The wheel is then secured to the hub with the lug nuts.
One Lug, uninsulated, crimp, 8 AWG barrel, 1/4 hole, (NSN 9G 5940-00-8287199)