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LUGSLinux Users' Group (Singapore)
LUGSLinux User Group Switzerland (aka Linux User Group Schweiz; est. 1994)
LUGSLinux Users Group of Sacramento (Sacramento, CA)
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The Browning Hi-Power uses two locking lugs on top of the barrel, as with the 1911.
Its bolt had six locking lugs and a doglegged handle shaped somewhat like the one on Remington's Model 600 carbine.
As this is done, the slide stop contacts the lower lugs just slightly.
Four groups were evaluated and compared: all 4,943 knees; 1,236 knees without femoral lugs and no femoral bone graft; 417 knees with femoral lugs and no femoral bone graft; and 3,290 knees with femoral lugs and with femoral bone graft (Table 1).
The modular design of the Savage bolt assembly allows the bolt head a certain amount of movement, resulting in the lugs bearing evenly against the receiver locking surfaces even if the receiver isn't square.
After a routine training sortie on July 12, a post-flight inspection by flight line personnel revealed one of the two LAU-117 suspension lugs was broken.
2 -- color) Cathy Boyack lugs a few gifts through the Galleria; she plans to stop shopping by Thanksgiving.
Wide-footprint lugs provide a constant grip on the core while pneumatic and mechanical retraction of lugs ensures that the lugs never stick in the core.
Locking lug recesses are integral, with the barrel and the three bolt lugs lock directly into the barrel.
On 31 January, the Naval Air Systems Command ordered all Navy and Marine Corps F/A-18A, B, C and D models to be inspected for cracks in the wing fold transmission system attaching lugs, after routine inspections revealed aircraft with corroded or cracked lugs.