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In a study by Lugt et al, the mean age at the time of diagnosis of neonatal hyperglycemia was 3.2 3.7 days of life23.
Lugt [22] made a classical theory, "a vortex is the rotating motion of a magnitude of material particles around a common center." However, this definition is not Galilean invariant in the moving coordinates, and therefore it is not universally valid [23].
That they survive at all is remarkable; that the National Gallery of Art (NGA) and the Lugt Collection assembled so many of them in one place for public examination was a monumental undertaking greatly to be admired.
Father Frans van der Lugt, a Jesuit from the Netherlands, had been killed days before in Syria.
(1) See Louisa Wood Ruby's entry on the painting in Colin Bailey et al., Rembrandt and his School: Masterworks from the Frick and Lugt Collections (New York: Frick Collection, 2011), pp.
Sporadic cases of facial nerve paralysis are associated with space occupying lesions of cranial nerves in calves (Maenhout et al., 1984 and Van der Lugt and Jordan, 1994).
Entre ellos, el jesuita holandes Francis Van der Lugt, asesinado dias antes de la liberacion de la zona por el Ejercito Sirio.
Imagination not only generates a narrative of meaning for identity, it shows a way forward to ethically perform our part in God's drama (Vander Lugt, 2014; Smith, 2011; Vanhoozer, 2007).
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