LUGULinux User Group Ulm (Germany)
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This occurs at a fair and harvest-time festival--the Feast of Lugus (230).
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Lugus Productions.
McGrath, History of Canadian Airports (Ottawa: Lugus Publications in cooperation with Transport Canada, 1992), 40-41.
The development of entrepreneurship in one area of the former USSR - Estonia - is the focus of another article by Lugus et al.
She also imposed administrative sanctions on Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan II, his father and former vice-governor Abdusakur Tan, Maimbung mayor Samuel Tan, and former Lugus mayor Al-Zhudurie Asmadun.
Earlier, the Ombudsman also suspended the following members of a political clan in Sulu over SALN violations-Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan II, his father Vice Governor Abdusakur Tan, Maimbung Mayor Samier Tan, and former Lugus Mayor Al-Zhudurie Asmadun, former mayor of Maimbung town.