LUHLight Utility Helicopter (Army)
LUHLeibniz University Hannover (Germany)
LUHLongmont United Hospital (Colorado)
LUHLower Umpqua Hospital (Reedsport, OR)
LUHLocalized Unilateral Hyperhidrosis (health disorder)
LUHLer Ut Høyt (Norwegian: Laugh Out Loud)
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LUH medical superintendent Dr Abdul Wahab Wadhu complained to the judge that the HMC was not removing billboards from along the footpath outside as well as from inside the hospital.
Under the MF Theory, commodities MF substance mainly comprises four substance links: transportation, storing, LUH and distribution processing (see Figure 1).
I am well aware of this facility since I was born in Jamshoro,' he told LUH medical superintendent (MS) Abdul Wahhab Wadhu who had rushed to the hospital from Hyderabad after hearing about the judge's visit.
Both women were taken to the LUH in a critical condition and Sabah was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctors who examined them, according to medico-legal officer Dr Wasim.
HYDERABAD -- The Liaquat University Hospital (LUH) re-organizing the cardiac ward with facility of free of cost cardio-thoracic surgery from the next week, informed medical superintendent LUH, Dr.
The police identified the deceased as Fazal Ghani, 30 years old, while the critically injured Arz Mohammad and Yousuf Pathan were shifted to the LUH Jamshoro while one injured was taken to a local medical center.
Soon after the accident, relatives of the victims started pouring in at the LUH.
The former 5 Medical Superintendents of the LUH Hyderabad including Dr Khalid Qureshi, Dr Khalid Hussain Shaikh, Dr Syed Kazim Raza Shah, Dr Mohammad Nawaz Abbassi and Dr Ghulam Mustafa Abbassi are also nominated in the same reference.
Memon told that a special grant of Rs100 million was being provided to the LUH and another Rs50 million would be provided to meet the LUH's development requirements.
LUH strongly urges Congress to take further action to ensure that the following priorities are addressed in the reconciliation process to be finalized in the coming days and weeks.
Noshad Ahmed Shaikh and Medical Superintendent LUH Dr.
Regarding the Finance and Planning Committee it was informed that allocation of funds were recommended for Bilawal Medical College, Security Wall around the campus, Up Gradation of Dental OPD at LUH City branch and establishment of FM radio.