LUIDLocal User Identifier
LUIDLocally Unique Identifier
LUIDLogon User Identification
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Ajaloolised andmed ja fakt, et suurte merekalade, naiteks tursa luid materjalis ei leidu, lubavad arvata, et tursasoomise traditsioon Leedus puudus.
Martinez-Maza, "Peritoneal luid interleukin-6 in women with chronic pelvic pain," Fertility and Sterility, vol.
The information is fed into the SCM database and, along with other data linked via lUID, provides data points needed to support metrics such as Operational Availability, Mean Time Between Failures, Mean Logistics Delay Time, and failure trend analysis, and OEM depot performance (including price to repair).
Additionally, the effect of the valve orifice geometry was also included in the analysis by simulating the luid low for a sharp entrance and a rounded entrance with r = 0.5 mm (0.01968 in.).
Allantoic luid was harvested after death of embryo or on 3 dpi and tested for the presence of influenza A virus by haemagglutination (HA) test as per the OIE (11) using 0.5 per cent chicken red blood cell (RBC) suspension.
Laboratory diagnosis of TOSV infections is often limited to the detection of immunoglobulin (Ig) M and IgG because of the short period of viremia and the low amount of virus in the cerebrospinal luid (CSF) during the acute phase (2).
The combination of low caloric intake, low luid intake, and intense aerobic exercise contributed to dehydration.
Ambitious plans to celebrate the 40th anniversary over a three-year period, first announced last year, are now well underway but proving to be somewhat f luid.
(23.) De Franstaligen riepen bovendien luid. Zij kregen steun van de burgemecster Francois Van Hoorbrouck (MR), notoir voorstander van de faciliteiten (...) (De Standaard 4 janvier 2003).
'Op jezelf wonen, herhaalde Macon, maar hij zei het zo zachtjes en de regen hamerde zo luid op het dak dat het leek of hij alleen zijn lippen bewoog.