LUJELawrence University Jazz Ensemble (Appleton, WI)
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Their accent is from the Apennines, with a linguistic shift of the word "luce" to "luje." (18) However, the response from the child comes in grown-up Guccini's voice: "Yes yes, I am turning it off in a minute." This spoken incipit is peculiar, because what should be an interaction between adults and child is clearly between three adults.
It might have been worse as Luje Williams unleashed a curling shot that clipped the angle of post and bar with Reice Charles-Cook stranded but City were so nearly back on terms inside three minutes of the restart as Armstrong's blast was turned over by Daniels and debutant Martin Lorentzson met the subsequent corner with a close-range header that hit the turf and bounced over.
Four minutes later they had a second try, working the ball through the backs to Luje Hibberd to cross in the corner, before a further Chapman penalty extended the lead further.