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LULALimited Use Limited Application (elevator)
LULALimited Use Limited Access (elevators)
LULALinux Users of Los Angeles
LULALoader/Unloader for AK47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova 47; hunting equipment)
LULALower Unlatch Auxiliary
LULALow Use, Limited Access (elevator term)
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Lula, 72, could now be ineligible to stand for election under Brazil's "Ficha Limpa" or "Clean Record" law, which bans political candidates whose convictions have been upheld by an appellate court.
Lula es a la vez el hombre del pasado y del futuro de este pais", comento Greenwald, quien radica en esta ciudad.
Mais, si la condamnation de Lula est confirmee en appel, celui qui avait preside aux destinees du Bresil de 2003 a 2010 sera emprisonne et ne pourra donc pas se presenter, comme convenu, aux elections presidentielles de 2018 alors meme qu'il est encore donne largement favori dans les intentions de vote; ce qui fait dire a la senatrice Gleisi Hoffmann, la Presidente du Parti des Travailleurs -- le parti de Lula -- que cette condamnation -- prononcee par le juge Sergio Moro, lui-meme candidat aux prochaines elections presidentielles, ne serait qu'une vaste supercherie destinee, de toute evidence, a empecher Lula de briguer, encore une fois, la magistrature supreme.
And yet, most people actually think Lula did pretty well in court.
Pour les enqueteurs, Lula a ete le "beneficiaire direct" de faveurs du groupe de BTP OAS qui ont atteint 3,7 millions de reais (1,1 million de dollars au cours actuel).
Brazilian federal investigators have charged Lula with money laundering and corruption.
Rangers knocked on a woman's door and she confessed to being Lula, now 69.
Rousseff's attempts to appoint Lula as her chief of staff -- a position which comes with legal immunity -- have been (http://www.
Respuesta vaca en un dia en el que los periodicos y los analistas brasilenos subrayaban la fragilidad politica de la ahijada de Lula.
They dress in yellow and green to say they are more Brazilian than us, but if they bleed, just watch to see if their blood is not red like ours," said Lula, referring to protestors dressed in the colors of the Brazilian flag.
But more than a legend, Lula is still revered in Brazil as a shrewd deal-maker, whose sway over the ruling leftist Workers' Party is key to the survival not only of beleaguered President Dilma Rousseff but also of the ambitious political project Lula launched to remake the country 13 years ago.
The day after former Brazilian president Lula da Silva was questioned by federal police, his successor and incumbent Dilma Rousseff flew by presidential jet to visit him in Sao Paulo.