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According to Weng [24], the minimum level for accuracy assessment in identification of Land Use and LULC classes in remote sensing data should be at least 85%.
That is, the control simulation (PRE-URBAN) used the USGS AVHRR land-use cover mimicking the PRD land-use distribution prior to rapid urbanization and industrial development over the last two decades, whereas the sensitivity simulation (URBAN) used the MODIS LULC data with updated urban distribution more representative of the present.
The LULC map was elaborated through the supervised classification (pixel by pixel) of satellite images of the study site obtained by the RapidEye system of sensors, from September and December of 2011, with spatial resolution of five meters.
The diversity in LULC distributions among headwater catchments in Jersey County, from pristine forestland to mixed LULC and heavily cultivated regions, while representative of the diversity found across the state, has yet to be studied as thoroughly as other regions of Illinois.
To classify and verify these major LULC, training sites were developed and prefield image processing was done using color composite of bands 4, 5, and 3 in RGB transformation of unsupervised and supervised methods with the help of classifiers for recent image (SPOT 5 imagery) of year 2008.
Lahore is no exception to this thumb rule, as LULC changes in this city has caused increased pressure on the urban vegetation and contributed to a big loss of the city's centuries-old green character.
Several hypotheses and studies suggested that these LULC changes have influenced malaria vector larval habitat availability, productivity, density and distribution in the world (12-16).
Urbanization is a significant leader factor that has contributed toward huge changes in the LULC (land use/land cover) patterns.
Habitat types of the study area were identified using Morris and Somerset County Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) map.
Land use changes were recorded in a village of western Kenya over a period of four year by adding polygons generated with a handheld GPS to a pre-existing GIS map of land use and land cover (LULC).
We obtained coordinates of these industries from ZipList5 Geocode and overlaid them onto spatial data, including Land-Use/Land-Cover (LULC) raster data model, county- and city-limits vector data model, county-level population, and average house listing price in ArcMap.