LULUCFLand Use, Land Use Change and Forestry
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By the time the Parliament adopted its position on LULUCF in Strasbourg in September of this year both wetlands and long-life wood products were included - so far, so good.
Accounting rules to measure the carbon emissions and removals from cropland, grassland, managed forest land, afforested and deforested land and wetland , including possible updates to be fit for purpose under the Paris Agreement; A basic commitment for each Member State to comply with the 'no-debit' rule by ensuring that for each 5-year compliance period (2021-25, 2026-30), the amount of carbon absorbed in the LULUCF sector is at least equivalent to that emitted, in accordance with the accounting rules; The Regulation does not lay down and obligations for private parties, including farmers and foresters; A balanced package of flexibilities, to cope with the large variety of national circumstances.
The difference between emissions including and excluding LULUCF is also not relevant.
122) Ibid at 34, the LULUCF sector is expected to remove 28 Mt CO2e by 2020.
Article 6 provided that for the purpose of meeting its commitments, any developed country may transfer to, or acquire from, any other developed party emission reduction units resulting from projects aimed at reducing anthropogenic emissions by sources, or an enhancement of removals by sinks that is additional to any that would otherwise occur (meaning that the LULUCF project was included in the scheme) (41).
Excluding LULUCF (Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry) emissions and international bunkers (European Commission, 2010).
Com base nos dados apresentado no LULUCF, o resultado do fator de fixacao de carbono da Equacao 6 pode apresentar uma incerteza de [+ or -] 43% sem considerar o IMA da biomassa viva abaixo do solo (parte do tronco e raizes) mais as incertezas da quantidade de arvores em fase de crescimento por hectare utilizada no calculo.
235) In the formative negotiations of the CDM, accounting for LULUCF was a controversial issue, and the negotiating parties struggled to reach a satisfactory agreement.
Moreover, if LULUCF activities constitute a net source of greenhouse gas emissions in the base year, then net emissions from the part relating to the deforestation are included in the total national emissions for that year.
Data elaborated from regional and temporal data in LULUCF, IPCC 2000 (Rosenzweig and Tubiello 2007).
2] , de todos los sectores de Espana sin LULUCF equivale, en el mismo ano, a 331,08 Mt (en terminos de [CO.