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There are numerous bezels, lenses and tail caps for over 144 configurations and up to 900 lumens.
We agree with Don Peifer's general point that there is more to lighting than just the amount of light, but we don't agree with his lumen analogy, or his criticism of efficacy.
In addition, starting this year, the IESNYC Lumen Awards and the IES Illumination Awards are now two distinct awards programs, each with its own criteria including submittal requirements, entry fees, and portals.
With the request for tighter tolerances and the lot-to-lot variability of silicone material it can be difficult to maintain multiple lumens.
Because a candle actually sends light in every direction, however, the candle is putting out more than one lumen.
Month after month, we are saving an incredible amount of energy with the Digital Lumens system, while our light quality has actually improved," said Jon Barnes, Supply Chain Director for Ardo UK.
Given that LED lamp life and lumen maintenance are inseparable, what lamp lumen depreciation (LLD) factor should be employed for LED lighting systems?
The 3M announced two new models with up to 30 lumens brightness and a two-hour battery life at standard mode: the MPro 160, available this month, and the MPro 180, available in January 2011.
Khimjia€™s Lumen Zone offers a variety of chandeliers, down lights, spots and LEDs, fibre optics, besides dimming control systems and
If malposition was identified, the tube was withdrawn until the endobronchial lumen was above the carina.
It will lose 20 to 25 percent lumen power after 4,000 hours (40 percent of a CFL's 10,000-hour-rated life).
Change one tubing lumen into two, or two lumens into three, or even split one tube into two in a "Y" shape: These are some of the dramatic alterations that can be made "on the fly" with a novel articulated die concept available for license from Specialty Silicone Fabricators, a medical tubing maker in Paso Robles, Calif.