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LUMILuminescence Log (oil production)
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LG products embedded with LUMI's advanced Aqara sensor technology will save energy and increase convenience as well as enhance safety and comfort in the home.
According to the brand's website, Lumi by Pampers will help parents monitor and track their baby 24/7.
Whether you're looking to 'chill out', drink more water, or as a way to reduce your carbon footprint (no need for bottled water!), the lumi chiller is a perfect addition to any kitchen.
The new powder seasoning -- focused on authentic Gulf flavors including a combination of lumi (dried lime), chili, cardamon, turmeric and cloves -- can be sprinkled in the middle of cooking rice-based, oven-baked, vegetable-stuffed or pan-fried dishes.
Healthcare company BTG plc (LSE:BTG) said on Monday that an Australian patient has been dosed with its DC Bead LUMI for the local treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and liver metastases from colorectal cancer (mCRC), respectively.
Help them and God will help you," Lumi, 30, told Gulf News.
In 1982, my mother opened the door to two strangers, Rosa and Lumi, but, 36 years later, they leave our home as family.
Talking to Lumi before starting a video conference or call will automatically move the camera to a best lighting position.
Port Moresby: Lumi Health Centre in Sandaun Province now have their wards and streets lit up; thanks to the installation of new solar lights by Bank South Pacific (BSP).
MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Laser Ultrasound for Medical Imaging (LUMI) provides a non-contact approach to acquire images of the human body's interior by employing a novel combination of optical excitation and laser vibrometry.
Lumi HD: Described as one of Birmingham's best up and coming soul artists, you will fall in love with her powerful vocals and mesmerising melodies.