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LUNLundi (French: Monday)
LUNLogical Unit Number (SCSI devices)
LUNLunedì (Italian: Monday)
LUNLusaka, Zambia - Lusaka (Airport Code)
LUNLink Uninhibit (SS7)
LUNLudington & Northern Railroad (Michigan)
LUNLink Under Name
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Since its listing, Tian Lun Gas has achieved rapid strategic expansion in the PRC and its operations covers ten provinces and municipalities.
The Kemaloh, or Kemaluh, are also a subgroup of the Lun Dayeh people.
While disappointed with this setback, Lun said he was committed to moving forward with the project in a timely fashion, having discovered a strong interest on the part of Chinese companies to establish a presence in New York.
Even though the learned appraisers of this work conclude that it is but a minor work in the history of ideas, Zhong lun nonetheless draws interest for being a fairly complete work from an intriguing historical period.
The LUN has been officially posted missing since September 30 when an electronic position-indicating beacon was activated in storm force 10 conditions.
The dispersal of the Fa Lun Gong has been interpreted as suppression of religious freedom.
Of the non-Kayan and non-Kenyah, Matthew Gad (a Lun Bawang), Lian Labang (a Kelabit) and Penghulu Baya Malang (a Berawan) were early leaders.
Customers gain valuable insight into storage utilization across the enterprise, can identify the impact of a failure, and can trend and forecast for capacity planning and business continuity decisions, all from a single pane-of-glass view, eliminating the need for manually creating spreadsheets for LUN association and mapping.
Yn y rhaglen nos Lun bydd cyfle i weld uchafbwyntiau Pencampwriaeth Rasio Glas Prydain ym Mrychdyn, Sir y Fflint.
Bydd uchafbwyntiau'r rali i'w gweld yn y rhifyn nesaf o Ralio+, nos Lun, 21 Awst am 6.
The global donor has decided to deliver this support to China Tian Lun Gas Holdings Limited to facilitate the company accomplish its strategy for the expansion of the natural gas supply in the domestic market.
Hong Kong, May 29, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - China Tian Lun Gas Holdings Limited ("China Tian Lun Gas" or the "Group"; stock code: 1600.