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LUNCHLocal United Network to Combat Hunger
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"A lunch isn't zactly breakfast," she said to Billina, who sat beside her curiously watching.
It is true that I came here to lunch today without knowing what had happened.
Now, Nicolete and I soon found that we had all these and many another writer in common, and before our lunch was ended we were nearer to each other than many old friends.
Let me take you and give you some lunch. Come along.'
It had vanished so completely that I could only suppose that it must be lunch time, the observations of years having led to the discovery that the higher sentiments and virtues fly affrighted on the approach of lunch, and none fly quicker than courage.
"Many thanks for my lunch," she said, nodding to him carelessly.
HE punted back again amongst the water- plants, and took some lunch out of his basket.
Assuming the negation to refer only to the victory and not to the lunch, M.
When he came back to his work after lunch he carried in his head a picture of the Strand, scattered with omnibuses, and of the purple shapes of leaves pressed flat upon the gravel, as if his eyes had always been bent upon the ground.
She loved to put up lunches for him when he went hunting, to mend his ball-gloves and sew buttons on his shooting-coat, baked the kind of nut-cake he liked, and fed his setter dog when he was away on trips with his father.
"Sam," said one of the runners to the other, "you look to our civil friend here, and I'll grab Moses when he brings up the lunch."
By eleven o'clock, in this fashion I had consumed my whole lunch. But what of it?