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LUPLand Use Plan
LUPLiberia Unification Party
LUPLithuanian Farmer's Party
LUPLying-Up Point
LUPLetter of Unserviceable Property (USMC)
LUPKalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii (airport code)
LUPLightest U-parity Particle
LUPLink-Up Point
LUPLast Usage Phase
LUPListe Unique des Problèmes (French: single list of problems)
LUPLow Uniaxial Pressure
LUPLaboratorio de Urbanismo Politico (Montevideo, Uruguay)
LUPLifeless Undead Phenomenon (science fiction)
LUPLego Universe Partner (online game)
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Followed by the abovementioned methods, we can evaluate the LUP according to the change of the ESV.
k] denotes the area for land use types k before the LUP implementation and [A.
The implementation of the LUP should help to improve the ESV.
From Table 3, it seems that during the LUP implementation period, the barren land decreased the most, then the cropland.
By calculation employing the equations (1), (2) and (3), the total ESV change over the period of the implementation of the LUP of Dujiangyan city can be obtained.
The results show that during the period of the implementation of the LUP of Dujiangyan city the total of ESV increased 192.
The results show that the LUP achieve a good performance over the covered period but the local government should pose extra importance on the LUP because the rising is small.
The performance of LUP in controlling urban growth.
Study on performance evaluation implementationed in county LUP.
THIS year LUP expects to have published 50 books, an ongoing annual target.
I am also keen to look at establishing a new trade imprint for our increasing list of commercially-minded writers, especially in view of the success of our last two Irish authors, " adds Robin Bloxsidge, who is now gearing up to fly the flag for LUP at next year's London Book Fair and its rival in Frankfurt.
With three installations up and running in France, LUPS has piqued the interest of gambling houses in Russia, Venezuela, Chile and Colombia.