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LUPOLuminescent Polymer
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According to prosecutors, Lupo charged a total of $29,763.41 of personal items and services on her company credit card and the company credit cards of two co-workers between January 2015 and October 2015.
Following the end of his live stream, Lupo revealed the exact amount raised for the children's hospital - $920,343.98 (about P47,273,008).
Prince William and Middleton got Lupo in early 2012.
He told the court the driver's side seat belt of the Volkswagen Lupo was found in the "return position", indicating that it had not been worn at the time of the crash.
Throughout, the forks' would-be utility was reimagined--evidencing a concerted transition on Lupo's part from previous sculptures that served as functional pieces of furniture.
But what they really should have done was give Lupo a Frozzy, like an increasing number of Cardiff dog owners.
SWEET TREAT George feeds ice cream to his dog Lupo, right, in the garden of Anmer Hall.
Mars is innovating in order to satisfy the white chocolate demand, Lupo explains.
"We realize the trends in the marketplace and the need for us to introduce items that are geared to those consumers who are more focused on health and wellness," Lupo adds.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and dog Lupo
"I SAY Lupo aren't we supposed to look at the camera like Mummy and Daddy?" "Woof woof!" Prince George and cocker spaniel Lupo are clearly best of friends as they are pictured almost nose-to-nose in an official portrait released yesterday.