LUPPLuanda Urban Poverty Programme (Angola)
LUPPLand Use Planning Program
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Investigating whether this stepwise activation of quorum sensing was functional in the symbiosis, Lupp and Ruby (2005) found that knocking out ainS, the gene that encodes an N-octanoyl-homoserine lactone autoinducer, resulted in a colonization defect, suggesting that AinS regulates colonization factors.
"Since entering the Omani market, we have been watching Qatar's development, and decided last year to make the move in setting up operations this year," said Robert Smith, one of the MDs of Lupp International Qatar.
A[cedilla] Angola: Luanda Urban Poverty Programme (LUPP) -- The programme aims to provide basic services such as water, sanitation, child care support and microfinance to the poor in Luanda.
We draw strength from the parent companyEoe1/4aos 99 years of proficiency in the field of turnkey construction and engineering, employing innovative techniques to deliver high quality at every stage of production,Eoe1/4A[yen] said Robert Smith, managing director, Lupp Middle East LLC.
[41] To perform his procedure, which he called laser uvulopalatoplasty (LUPP), Carenfelt used a [CO.sub.2] laser to resect the palatal tissue, much like UPPP does.
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