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LUQLeft Upper Quadrant (medicine)
LUQLarge, Unusual or Questionable (US IRS)
LUQLand Use Questionnaire (surveying)
LUQLending Universe Quantum (software)
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Abdomen: Spleen enlarged 2 cm below LCM; no hepatomegaly, no rebound tenderness, pain on palpation LUQ.
To circumvent this problem, we dispatched samples from LUQ by overnight mail in cooled containers, and these were extracted in our laboratory in Georgia.
Additionally, in this species various kidney functions are modulated by L10 and LUQ neurons, and the latter neurons are immunoreactive to FMRFamide (Koester and Alevizos, 1989; Giardino et al.
Upon examination, his vital signs were normal, and, upon physical examination, a questionable mass was felt in the abdomen because of dullness in the LUQ.