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LURLjubljanske Urbane Regije (Slovenian: Ljubljana Urban Region; agency)
LURLand Use Regulation (various states)
LURListagem de Utilizadores de Risco (Portugal)
LURLower Unit Rate (broadcast advertising)
LURLiver Uptake Ratio
LURLa Martiniere Union Rox (comedy group; La Martiniere College; India)
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However, it should be considered that a correlation was present between age and various characteristics of the cohorts (prevalence of smoking, quality of the LUR models, levels of air pollution exposures, and quality of the outcome assessment) with older cohorts having lower smoking rates, higher LUR LOOCV [R.
The reference site was selected according to criteria previously described for urban LUR campaigns: It was located in the same study area and not directly influenced by local sources (Hoek et al.
Lur, a MP representing Maiwut county in Upper Nile, told reporters that their decision to abandon rebellion and join government was to ensure peace and stability returned to the world's youngest nation.
5% (1252) were from the Fars and Lur ethnic groups.
carnyx chez les Celtes, cornu chez les Etrusques, lur chez les Scandinaves, buccina chez les Romains il est devenu trompe pour les adeptes de la Venerie.
Specifically, we find that (a) blacks and Hispanics face higher local labor market unemployment rates (LUR) that mitigate the potential gains from JC for them and (b) JC is able to "shield" white participants from adverse LUR, but not blacks and Hispanics.
La grace Deu mult regrettent, Quer ne sevent quel part aler, Ne quels cordes deient aler, Quel part beitrer, quel part tendre, Ne u devrunt lur curs prendre.
In cooperation with Lur Berri and Arcadie, we have started an organisational plan, whereby farmer value will be generated by carefully planning the fattening of animals before they are sent to the slaughterhouse", said Vivadour.
The profitability of Alfesca's operations is forecast to strengthen however, in the wake of the company's takeover by a consortium headed by the French-controlled Lur Berri Iceland ehf.
Archeologists had unearthed several examples of the ancient lur in 1797, in good enough condition that they could be played.
ANSWERS: 1 Opus Dei; 2 Pygmalion; 3 Gold; 4 Enid Blyton; 5 Birdseye frozen peas; 6 168; 7 Pontius Pilate; 8 Kirk Douglas; 9 The African; 10 B lur.
The opening fanfare was played from the balcony on a bronze lur, a replica of an instrument from the Nordic Bronze Age (1500-500 BC).