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Toward that end, we removed the direct "cyclical" contribution by replacing the unemployment rate (LURC) with our estimate of the long-run natural rate of unemployment (NAIRU).
The value of LURC collateral may be more attractive for bankers when the property is in a business district and not a residential area.
is, rides on LURC's approval of Plum Creek's "Concept
CLF recognizes these concerns but is encouraging Maine residents and LURC to consider New England's need to invest in renewable energy to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce global warming pollution.
The subject is being appraised based on the fee simple conditional estate retained by the owner after acceptance and recording of the enforceable LURC. The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal defines fee simple conditional as:
In November 1997, the Park Service completed an appraisal and ski area feasibility study, which stated that the existing Saddleback ski area could sustain much of the increased skier use that Breen wants--four times the current capacity--simply by upgrading existing ski facilities and adding three lifts that are already approved by Maine's LURC. In the last decade, Breen has invested very little capital in the ski area despite these approvals.
Richard Lurc (Bradley Park) was second ahead of from Ian Sharland (Crosland Heath) and Peter Boakes (Outlane) on the back 6.
In the second division the winner was David Crowther (Outlane) 34 off 22 from Jimmy Main (Dewsbury) 31 off 17 and third Richard Lurc (Bradley Park) 30 off 16.
First Division: 1 Neil Morrison (14), Outlane, 40 pts, 2 Martin Clowery (15), Longley Park, 31 pts Second Division: 1 Jimmy Main (16), Dewsbury, 32 pts, 2 Ian Sharland (16), Crosland Heath, 32 pts (after countback), 3 Richard Lurc (16), Bradley Park 27 pts.
10.10-A Brown (18) and R Lurc (16) (BP), R Sharp (20) and D Phare (18) (O).
In Division II the winner was Richard Lurc, from Bradley Park, with 33 points off 1, with David Wood, from Crosland Heath, second on 32 points off 16.
Second Division - David Crowther (Outlane, 25) 39 points, 2 Phil Smith (Bradley Park, 23) 34pts, 3 on countback Richard Lurc (Bradley Park, 20).