LURCLand Use Regulation Commission
LURCLand Use Review Committee (Seattle, WA)
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The value of LURC collateral may be more attractive for bankers when the property is in a business district and not a residential area.
Future research will seek to sort out which of these two micrologics is more important for the LURC correlation with formalization.
The wide variation in the allocation of LURCs that has existed throughout the reform era continues to this day (Ravallion and van de Walle 2006).
routine permitting work, (250) LURC is at a big disadvantage in this
maintain in its LURC filing that "residential development" is
The subject is being appraised based on the fee simple conditional estate retained by the owner after acceptance and recording of the enforceable LURC.
Recapitulating, the primary characteristics to look for are that the LURC was filed in the deed records (runs with the land), the restrictions are enforceable, and the subject is in compliance.
During the review process by LURC, First Wind highlighted a number of economic and environmental benefits that the Stetson expansion will bring to the local area as well as across the state.
Building on this major milestone, UPC Wind will now proceed with construction activities within the LURC permitted area on Stetson Mountain.
Following this week's approval of our rezoning petition, we will move forward with submitting our final plans to LURC for review before beginning construction.