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LURELaboratoire pour l'Utilisation du Rayonnement Electromagnétique (France)
LURELunar Ultraviolet Reflectance Experiment (astronomy)
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At the very beginning of the war our armies were divided, and our sole aim was to unite them, though uniting the armies was no advantage if we meant to retire and lure the enemy into the depths of the country.
The necessity to present compounds with very different volatility complicated initial efforts to produce a practical lure (Higbee et al.
On those days, an 8-inch glidebait often outfishes any other lure.
In simplest terms, this tool comprises a weighted form that attaches to your line and slides down to "knock" the snagged lure free.
Lure still kept his hand in, even when up to his neck in bonds and gilts, playing shows wherever he could fit them into his hectic schedule, but earlier this year Lure hung up his trader's suit and brushed down his tiger-skin jacket to return to his first love.
7 January 2015 - US-based Arcus Hunting, LLC has completed its acquisition of the Tink's deer lure and attractant brand, the company said on Wednesday.
To lure a dog to sit, put a treat at the end of his nose and raise the treat up and back over his head (not too high, he'll jump up instead of sitting
In many ways the tigerfish surpassed these species not only in aggression and the effort with which they hit a surface lure, but also because of the beauty of the surrounds in which one fishes for them.
However, how many producers hope they can get new clients without getting the lure in the water, so to speak.
8220;EZ Angler offers a fresh, new approach to the freshwater fishing market and as one of the leading providers of fishing tackle we are proud to support and back new initiatives that move the sport and recreational fishing industry forward,” said Blaise Michalchik owner of Johnstown, Pennsylvania based Lockett Lure Outlet.
Suh and ARS colleague John Westbrook asked the manufacturer to produce a lure that replicated the ratio of the natural components, and they compared that lure with the standard-blend lure in field trials in Mexico and South Texas.
What's more, the plastic blends are tailored to allow each lure to sink and remain at a specified depth from 2 to 60 ft or more, using no lead weights.