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Herr intuits that this man possesses the Truth, the depths, of Vietnam, for we learn that looking into the Lurp's eyes "was like looking at the floor of an ocean" (6) .
At this point, Herr has not ceased to try and fit the war and its Truth into a pre-set paradigm; his understanding, as the Lurp informs him, is as worthless as "'Tits on a bull'" (6).
To frame this a bit differently, Herr's Conradian journey to the war's essence necessitates his stripping away of, his deconstruction of, the pseudo-truths belonging to the information officer, in favor of the Truth the Lurp knows.
On this particular operation, I made sure that my four-man Lurp team--Sergeant William Bodine, Specialist Frank Juresh, Specialist John Gonzales, and Specialist Mike McClintic--came along and stayed near me in case I needed their raw courage to get us out of a tight spot.