LURULunar Replacement Unit
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Claire Russo, co-founder of LuRu Home, said: "Working with Sarina over the past month has been a true delight.
ini na mu fi mu luru di di blutu ka 3Pl not go for go look the the blood NEG `They didn't go to see the blood (stains).
There is Haksolok (meaning happy), a young soldier who seems to live up to his name and whom I originally think too handsome and well turned out to take seriously, but I am assured he is a deadly shot and consummate guerrilla; Maulindo, whose feet unbeknown to me then are to become etched in my memory; Augostino, another quiet type who always seems to be trying to catch my eye; and Leki Luru, who I'm told is absolutely trusted because he gave nothing away under the torture that his scars give testament to.
Today Leki Luru brings news that the guerrilla killed in the combat had a camera on him containing snaps of yours truly in the company of the guerillas.
Kaiyape Wilson was my indispensable collaborator and friend in the field, and introduced me to Longo and Luru, owners and exegetes of beautiful pearlshells.