LUSCLeeds United Supporters Club (various locations)
LUSCLaurieton United Services Club (est. 1953; New South Wales, Australia)
LUSCLawton United Soccer Club (Lawton, OK)
LUSCLancaster University Sailing Club (UK)
LUSCLightweight Undersea Sensor Component
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UBE2D1 expression at the protein level in normal respiratory epithelial tissues and LUAD and LUSC tissues was characterized by using IHC staining data in the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) (https://www.proteinatlas.
UBE2D1 RNA Expression Was Higher in LUAD and LUSC Tissues than in Normal Respiratory Tissues.
Increased UBE2D1 RNA Expression Was Associated with Poor Survival Outcomes in LUAD Patients, but Not in LUSC Patients.
In this study, our data mining results showed that although UBE2D1 RNA was significantly upregulated in both LUAD and LUSC tissues compared with normal tissues, its expression was even higher in LUAD tissues than in LUSC tissues.
UBE2D1 RNA expression might only serve as an independent prognostic indicator of unfavorable OS and RFS in LUAD, but not in LUSC. DNA amplification might be an essential cause of upregulated UBE2D1 RNA expression in LUAD.
Caption: Figure 1: UBE2D1 RNA expression was upregulated in both LUAD and LUSC tissues compared to normal lung tissues (a-d).
Caption: Figure 2: UBE2D1 protein expression in normal respiratory epithelium and LUAD and LUSC tissues.
No Grupo LUSC, quando comparado aos grupos ja descritos, foram observados a delimitacao da area da lesao, uma fenda incisional com poucos restos necroticos, grande quantidade de vasos sanguineos, muitos mioblastos e algumas fibras necrosadas, invadidas por macrofagos, linfocitos e celulas gigantes multinucleadas (Figura 4), indicando ser a melhor modalidade terapeutica para as lesoes estudadas.
Na determinacao da area de lesao, por meio das fotomicrografias, foi possivel verificar que o Grupocontrole apresentou uma area media de 1.304,22 [micro]m [+ or -] 81,25 [micro]m, o Grupo LUS media de 1.136,31 [micro]m [+ or -] 59,52 [micro]m, o Grupo LC media de 1.041,10 [micro]m [+ or -] 93,60 [micro]m e o Grupo LUSC media de 943,76 [micro]m [+ or -] 79,85 [micro]m.
We found that high PLK1 expression levels were associated with depressed Treg cell enrichment levels in 16 cancer types (THYM, LUSC, GBM, TGCT, SKCM, PRAD, UCEC, ESCA, UCS, UVM, OV, DLBC, LUAD, STAD, CESC, and KICH) while were associated with enhanced Treg cell activity in 5 cancer types (THCA, KIRC, LIHC, BRCA, and BLCA) (Spearman correlation, FDR<0.1) (Figure 3).
We observed that the MHC class I molecules had significantly increased expression in the posttreated cell lines compared to the pretreated cell lines, and the results were consistent in all the four different cell lines (LUSC, GBM, UCEC, and SKCM) tested (Figure 7).
(c) Most of the B cell gene signatures show negative expression correlations with the PLK1 expression in ESCA, LUSC, and STAD (Pearson correlation, FDR<0.1).