LUSCLeeds United Supporters Club (various locations)
LUSCLaurieton United Services Club (est. 1953; New South Wales, Australia)
LUSCLawton United Soccer Club (Lawton, OK)
LUSCLancaster University Sailing Club (UK)
LUSCLightweight Undersea Sensor Component
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LUSCs will be utilized by RTS Monroes customers for payment of fares on its public transit bus fleet.
TABLE 1 Characteristics of patients undergoing lower uterine segment caesarean section or labour analgesia (and combined) in whom pencil-point ((Whitacre) and cutting-edge (Quincke) spinal needles were used LUSCS (n=30) Pencil- Cutting- P value point edge Patient numbers 18 (60%) 12 (40%) <0.